Japan-Philippines Cultural-Ex Info Net

Japan-Philippines Cultural-Ex Info Net  (参加人数  100人

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Japan-Philippines Cultural Exchange Informatin Network in Northern Luzon
北ルソン 日本・フィリピン文化交流情報ネットワーク

This is an invitation to all of you who are interested in, or even with devotion to, cultures, traditional handicrafts, performing and general arts of Japan and the Philippines, and who belong to various fellowships and join events related to them.

As one of the projects of Japanese Association in Northern Luzon fellowship, we would like to build up an e-mail network called “Japan-Philippines Cultural-Exchange Information Network” (nicknamed Ajisai) in order to support and promote cultural exchange between Japan and the Philippines, in northern Luzon, particularly in Baguio City.

We would thus like to call for participation in this e-mail network, leading people who contribute to cultural exchange and friendship programs between the two countries, in universities, high schools, language schools, various organizations, mass media, etc. in northern Luzon, and individuals interested in Japanese culture, performing and general arts, and so forth.

We expect the members of this e-mail network Ajisai to freely provide information through it on events to promote communication between Japan and the Philippines which are planned by represented bodies so that other interested members may pass it to wider circulation of information. We also expect that each event will gather wider interests and will result in promoting more active fellowship between concerned Japanese and Filipinos in this area.

If you are interested in joining the network, please relate your name, the name of your organization (if applicable), your contact information and e-mail address to janl-baguio@mbe.nifty.com (Japanese Association of Northern Luzon http://janl.exblog.jp/ (Japanese only)).



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