Five Children and It (by Edith Nesbit) (273/275)

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''Why?'' asked Jane.

''Why, don''t you see, if you told grown-ups I should have no peace
of my life. They''d get hold of me, and they wouldn''t wish silly
things like you do, but real earnest things; and the scientific
people would hit on some way of making things last after sunset,
as likely as not; and they''d ask for a graduated income-tax, and
old-age pensions and manhood suffrage, and free secondary education,
and dull things like that; and get them, and keep them, and the
whole world would be turned topsy-turvy. Do wish it! Quick!''

Anthea repeated the Psammead''s wish, and it blew itself out to
a larger size than they had yet seen it attain.

''And now,'' it said as it collapsed, ''can I do anything more for

''Just one thing; and I think that clears everything up, doesn''t
it, Jane? I wish Martha to forget about the diamond ring, and
mother to forget about the keeper cleaning the windows.'' ''It''s
like the "Brass Bottle",'' said Jane.

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