FELIX da HOUSECAT wins "Album of the Year" Award

差出人: Ayaさん
送信日時 2002/03/26 10:56
ML.NO [emperornorton:0015]

We are really pleased to be able to tell you that Felix Da Housecat1s Kitten
& Thee Glitz has been awarded 羨lbum of the Year1 by DanceStar USA, the
first American Dance Music Awards which took place in Miami on Sunday 24th
March 2002 during the Winter Music Conference. Felix Da Housecat was up
against The Crystal Method (Tweekend), Daft Punk (Discovery), Darude (Before
the Storm) and Basement Jaxx (Rooty).

Since its launch in 2000, the annual DanceStar Awards in London has become
the worlds largest dance music awards show, featuring a television
broadcast that reaches more than 60,000,000 viewers. DanceStar USA will be
broadcast via MTV Europe, as well as through a variety of outlets in the
United States.

DanceStar was created to recognize a wildly popular form of music that is
most often relegated to underground status in the US, although the genre has
spawned crossover successes such as The Chemical Brothers, Progidy, Fatboy
Slim, Crystal Method, Basement Jaxx and Daft Punk. 16 awards will be
presented during the show, with the nominations generated by an academy
comprised of 1,000 luminaries from within the US music industry.

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