US Coursework (MIT)

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US Coursework (MIT)
perdon me write to you abruptly, This is Masako Enoki in Tokyo University
it is useful for young student,



200 new courses bring total to 700, including richer, deeper course
content and more video

CAMBRIDGE, MA (April 1, 2004) - MIT announced today that the
OpenCourseWare initiative has published 200 new courses to bring to
701 the total number of courses available at
<> Following the publication of
500 courses last fall, this is MIT OCWs second major milestone on
the way to publishing virtually all of MITs courses by the year

First announced in April 2001, the MIT OCW proof-of-concept pilot
site opened to the public in September 2002, offering 32 courses. The
official launch of MIT OCW with 500 MIT courses came in September
2003. Truly a global initiative, the site has received visitors from
more than 215 countries, territories, and city-states around the
globe - including every member of the United Nations - over the
course of the last 18 months. Materials have already been translated
into at least 10 different languages.

We are pleased to highlight the course materials from 50 of those new
MIT course offerings, including:

and Astronautics
16.100 - Aerodynamics
16.13 - Aerodynamics of Viscous Fluids
16.225 - Computational Mechanics of Materials
16.410 - Principles of Automated Reasoning and Decision-Making
16.810 - Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping

4.131 - Architectural Design Level II: Material Essence: The Glass
4.206 - Introduction to Design Computing
4.212 - Design Fabrication
4.322 - Introduction to Sculpture
4.42J - Fundamentals of Energy in Buildings

and Environmental Engineering
1.012 - Introduction to Civil Engineering Design
1.017 - Computing and Data Analysis for Environmental Applications
1.206J - Airline Schedule Planning
1.224J J - Carrier Systems
1.258J - Public Transportation Service and Operations Planning


Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
12.000 - Solving Complex Problems
12.007 - Geobiology
12.215 - Modern Navigation
12.540 - Principles of the Global Positioning System
12.740 - Paleoceanography


Engineering and Computer Science
6.012 - Microelectronic Devices and Circuits
6.050J - Information and Entropy
6.152J - Microelectronics Processing Technology
6.334 - Power Electronics
6.863J - Natural Language and the Computer Representation of

Languages and Literatures
21F.031J - Topics in the Avant-Garde in Literature and Cinema
21F.035 - Topics in Culture and Globalization
21F.103 - Chinese III (Regular)
21F.104 - Chinese IV (Regular)
21F.105 - Chinese V (Regular): Chinese Cultures & Society


Science and Engineering
3.012 - Fundamentals of Materials Science
3.016 - Mathematics for Materials Scientists and Engineers
3.064 - Polymer Engineering
3.20 - Materials at Equilibrium
3.35 - Fracture and Fatigue

8.022 - Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism
8.033 - Relativity
8.224 - Exploring Black Holes: General Relativity & Astrophysics
8.282J - Introduction to Astronomy
8.514 - Strongly Correlated Systems in Condensed Matter Physics

School of Management
15.020 - Competition in Telecommunications
15.066J - System Optimization and Analysis for Manufacturing
15.075 - Applied Statistics
15.082J - Network Optimization
15.667 - Negotiation and Conflict Management

Studies and Planning
11.001J - Introduction to Urban Design and Development
11.016J - The City
11.020 - Poverty, Public Policy and Controversy
11.301J - Introduction to Urban Design and Development
11.948 - Power of Place: Media Technology, Youth, and City Design and

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