announcement Science AAAS annual meeting (February 17-21 2005)

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Science AAAS Annual Meeting February 17-21 , Washington D.C.

January 2005 Advance Meeting Registration Ends
registration site at

Registration for the 2005 AAAS Annual Meeting
"The Nexus: Where Science Meets Society"
Some 17 tentative session tracks were proposed by the AAAS Program
Committee, with topics ranging from emerging diseases in developing
countries to genomics, nutrition, public safety, "disappearing
cultures" and more.
Given the setting for the 2005 AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC,
discussions are expected to include science policy matters such as the
U.S. Congresss view of science and technology ranging from the
vanishing safety net for food security to research without consent.
But, the proposed 2005 session tracks also will cover a rich array of
other issues, including environmental questions of particular relevance
to the Chesapeake Bay region, reproduction and regeneration science
from aging and stem-cell research, tissue engineering, and more.
With 2005 declared the World Year of Physics, the AAAS Meeting also
will provide insights to physical science frontiers and the latest
findings from planetary explorations as well as networking
opportunities for researchers. Young and senior scientists alike will
take part in a physics-themed social mixer.
Hearings on topics that affect young scientists will provide a forum
for open discussions. Workshops ranging from grant-writing to writing
childrens books also will be offered in 2005. In addition, teachers
will be invited to earn continuing education credits.
Free public events will continue to be a highlight at the AAAS annual
meeting. On the exhibit floor over the weekend, Family Science Days
will again offer hands-on workshops, demonstrations and a health fair.
小西 雅子 拝 コロンビア大
Masako Konishi(MSc), Columbia University